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Webinar : Mastering Influencer Marketing


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1.30 hours to learn how to Mastering Influencer Marketing independently (Value € 250).
This Webinar will help you to choose organic marketing to be visible for free.

  • Format : Webinar via Google Meet
  • The webinar is 100% free
  • Schedules are sent after registration
  • + See below for more information

⚠️ Seats are limited ‼️


Ready to reduce your expenses ?

Apply easily/quickly to your project/business, all the best techniques to optimise your brand image like a professional via this free webinar.


1. Creating/Optimising SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
We will show you how to spend less and earn more
2. Content Marketing
We will show you how to publish your content for free
3. Influencer Marketing
We will show you how to promote your product/service for free
4. Question and Answers session
We will answer your questions at the end of the webinar

The Webinar is perfect for you if :
– You generate little or no turnover
– You don’t know where to start
– You have everything but are missing that little spark
– You are a brand, artist, individual, student, professional…
– You are preparing a project

The Webinar process :
Video consulting via Google Meet with our team.

What to do to confirm your registration :
1/ Fill up your information
2/ Confirm your participation
3/ You will receive a registration confirmation


Are you planning or just starting your business ? You’ve come to the right place !

Following steps of this webinar will allow you to improve your knowledge and develop your business without a professional’s help on daily basis.


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